Connecting teams wherever they’re working

Businesses and service organisations, like yours, with staff out on-site calls, visiting satellite offices and working from home, currently communicate through a variety of devices, on often unsecured networks and without the efficiency of leadership and control.

Helping you to identify and source the right internet connectivity for your business is what Edison does.

Recent circumstances may mean you have a smaller requirement for the office, plus more need to securely connect a larger number of remote workers.

Whether you are looking to connect ten people, or a 1000, let’s talk. 0203 026 6317

What we do

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High Speed Internet Connectivity

Efficient working needs high speed connectivity, wherever you are.  Gigabit connections are increasingly available for your office, with the expanding 5G network giving faster and faster connectivity when you’re out of the office.

Edison will get you the fastest connections available to you.

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Mobile Data

Everyone is using more and more mobile data, particularly with video calling so prevalent at the moment. Do you have sufficient data, and the right mobile data plan, for your business?

Let Edison help you get the most cost effective mobile data plan for your business.

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Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Edison provides this type of connectivity to clients as a means of accessing corporate data on premises from a remote location.  We design these solutions ensuring the latest security requirements are implemented.