Supporting business on the move

Edison VoIP (eVoIP) gives you complete mobility, with a number that finds you, wherever you are and on whatever device you prefer – mobile, laptop (via softphone) or desk phone.

Calls route over your internet connection, your WiFi, or 4G so you can continue your conversations no matter where you need to be, and go to. The ultimate in flexibility.

When the rules changed after the UK left the European Union, but your calls will not incur additional charges. Calling via the Cloud means your calls are hosted and not using either your calls or data allowance.

With much better user and admin functionality than is the norm for VoIP solutions, eVoIP puts control back into your hands. The solution allows you to switch seamlessly between device in call. If you need to leave the office to go to a meeting you can move the call to your mobile without the other callers knowing.

We’ve also simplified using call forwarding, Auto attendants and hunt groups.

eVoIP connects seamlessly with Microsoft Teams and with Zoom, meaning you can Connect, Communicate, and Collaborate with your team, no matter where they are.

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